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Refrada, We are a small part of the puzzle world, but we will try to put the little pieces in the right places and make the best pieces for you.

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Never Let Go

Mariana - Web Dev

Lala Sudila

Ini adalah Jalan Kebaikan

Lala Sudila - Web Developer Enterprise


Ini adalah Jalan Kebaikan

Yafie - Web Developer


Rebahan Adalah Jalan Ninjaku

Denis - IT Web Developer


Refrada was created based on experience from personal development coaches and popular project
  • Application

    Visual editor your dream and super apps, bring code to experience

  • Best Value

    Help you defined and decide best value for solution apps

  • Documentation

    Track information and confirmation to bring hapiness negotiation

  • Cloud Server

    Get a solid foundation for your self development efforts and assisting your deployment and infrastructur


Visualize your idea

Start your business and have the right brands and looks for your customer

  • Easy Reading

    Evelate your way of communication product business

  • Ontime

    Be there when you needed draft until final design

  • Majority

    News Web, Simple Site, Company Profile, Web Apps, Mobile Apps Android

  • Secure

    Validation your data from inside and outside


Adapt in any technologies in field to follow sophisticated


Cloud & Server

Build cloud system and delivery service

  • Virtualization

    Optimize packet and system infrastructure

  • Helpdesk and Administrator

    Be calm and managed server and other infrastucture

Our Work

Susu Segar khusus untuk kopi

Mencari Jejak Pribumi

Informasi teraktual untuk Dekan sepanjang Hari

Berita Dekan

Berita seputar harian umum

Harian Umum

Website sekolah tinggi sint caroulus

STIK-Sint Carolus

Askme, Aplikasi Skrining Mandiri Penyakit Menular


Masakkan khas rumah yang ngangenin bisa dijangkau

Dapur Tante Lin

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Story of Old Code

Story of Old Code

Kebahagian Sejati

Kebahagian Sejati

Hidup adalah anugrah yang tiada tara. tara tara ta

Kebahagian Sejati

Kebahagian Sejati

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- Joseph Campbell

"The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure"

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We love to create dependable business are solutions for small and medium sized word companies. Email our office using refrada@refrada.id or call us using 087700535545

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